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August 8, 2010 / phillip49olson

Singapore Sexy Massage reflexology for High-Flyers

Imagine the situation. You’ve had a really hectic day at work, travelling to client appointments, arguing with your finance director over funding for your new project, conducting a difficult appraisal session and given a presentation at an ill-humoured board meeting.

Your head pounds, your back aches, your feet are throbbing and you’ve just torn a finger-nail. Now you have to prepare for a cocktail Review Night at the gallery, where you will be expected to sparkle in front of your directors and competitors. You feel you would actually rather go home, kick off your shoes, and crash out on the sofa with a soothing drink and some mindless TV.

But you know you can’t do that. So instead, you could get in touch with a company like us at, and we could come to your rescue. You can have a highly-skilled massage therapist sent across Singapore to wherever it’s convenient to meet you – at your office, or your club, or a friend’s house. Special facilities aren’t needed to work the magic.

There your Singapore masseuse will be able to pamper and relax you, with aromatherapy, an Indian head massage, a soothing hand massage and manicure, a neck and shoulder massage – even , if it’s convenient, a full body massage. Singapore stresses and strains will be smoothed and soothed away. You will soon feel refreshed and revitalised.

With your body relaxed, your physical posture will improve, making you look and feel taller and more elegant. What’s more, the mental relaxation massage brings will have the effect of sharpening up your concentration, so that whilst you are socialising you will also be alert and ready to seize any opportunities to impress those who matter at the event. You will be ready to sparkle throughout the evening. By delivering massage services around Singapore, a good massage can make you feel, and be, your best wherever you are.
Article by A1 Singapore Massage. For more information about A1 Singapore massage, please call : (+65) 8238 7729 or visit

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